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Wonder Trade Experiment

New Site!

I'm glad you like this project! I've actually moved onto a new project, Wonder Trade Analytics, a community driven wonder trade database. As of 11/25/2013 9:53pm CDT, there are 1280 wonder trades recorded. Check the site out for even MORE data (or even help contribute yourself.) :) Thanks!


The mission behind this site is to understand what people put up on Pokemon X/Y's Wonder Trade System. I ran a little experiment on 10/26/2013 between 8am to 6:40pm to see what types of pokemon I got back.

If you got an Eevee with a Fire Stone that day, it's very likely you were part of my experiment (thanks!)

The Experiment

The Data [Raw]

  • Fun Facts
  • 300 Wonder trades were conducted
  • 141 Different pokemon were received
  • 16 of the wonder trades (5%) had hidden abilities
    • 4 of which were Protean Froakies
  • The most common pokemon were (desc order):
    • Eevee / Froakie
    • Bunnelby
    • Gible / Fletchling
  • The US states from which I received the most pokemon were:
    • California (16)
    • Texas (14)
    • New York (14)
  • The average wait time on wonder trade was 19.59 seconds
  • Pokemon Nicknames
  • Bulbasaur: The Flower
  • Flabebe: Lyssa
  • Froakie: Tak kun
  • Gulpin: Goopy
  • Scatterbug: Laurel
  • Weedle: brutu
  • Eevee: Vee
  • Basculin: Brazil Penta
  • Larvesta: 0~0
  • Eevee: Yuuta
  • Combee: PE-NE
  • Goomy: Goop
  • Froakie: Ezio
  • Weedle: Pico
  • Goomy: Leggo
  • Chingling: Button
  • Espurr: Clayton
  • Ditto: Goo E
  • Spoink: Ms. Piggy
  • Pancham: Oreo
  • Weedle: Kum Bubble
  • Litleo: Tywin
  • Zigzagoon: Rigby
  • Illumise: Soup!
  • Panpour: Water Monkey

Inferences and Wrapup

So, this was my little experiment. I was half expecting to see the same 3-4 pokemon 30% of the time, but instead I was gladly surprised to see there was a large variety of different pokemon.

Different people had different ways of being generous. Some people gave out rare fossil pokemon (Tyrunt), starters (Froakie, Charmanders, Bulbasaur, Chespin), or even pokemon with hidden powers (Protean Froakies come to mind).

Items and shinies never appeared to be part of the generousity agenda.

Only 1 out of the 300 pokemon wonder traded was a 'trade' evolution, Pumpkaboo. Maybe given enough time more people will have a bigger pokedex and can start sending out pokemon that evolve based on trading (Kadabra, Machoke, Graveler, Haunter, Boldore, Gurdurr, etc.). I'll be honest, seeing the trade evolution happen was the highlight of my afternoon. :)

The data doesn't show this, but there was a large number of pokemon that did not originate from the trainer I wonder traded with... (suggesting they were re-gifting), which was a bit of a bummer :(

I mention that this data was gathered from 8am to 6:40pm CDT. Although it's great that this data exists... it does not paint a full picture of how the world wonder trades. Looking at the types of wonder trades I received, you'll see I started while Japan was going to sleep, and ended while Japan started to wake up.

I also did this experiment on a Saturday. I am certain the average wait time will be significanly different during the work/school week.

... I am going to dive a bit deeper and will hopefuly dig up some more relevant graphs.

Soo yeeeahh, breeding all these Eevees and recording all this data took a long time (~20 hours). If you found this data interesting let me know, feel free to message me on reddit! I don't know how soon I will sit down for round 2, but with the help of more people organizing some sort of wonder trade analysis might be feasible! :)